GR Drop outs is a two-year project taking place between 2011-2013. The overall aim of the project is to work with issues of truancy, absenteeism and dropouts in order to prevent long-term exclusion from society. The project is financed by the European Social Fund and is a strategic collaboration between the thirteen municipalities of the Gothenburg Region Association of Local Authorities (GR

Project background

The negative trend with an increasing number of young adults who are not in education, employment or training is visible in Sweden as well as in Europe at large. The thirteen municipalities of the Gothenburg region have requested support in the proactive work with pupils who, for different reasons, choose not to attend school. The risk being that without education or employment the pupil may in the end become excluded from society.

Being a region for learning, it is necessary to use the cooperative strengths of the thirteen municipalities and make a joint effort to work against the dropout trend. GR Drop outs will serve the need of creating learning environments in a regional context. The transnational collaboration with Not School in England will create an opportunity for the exchange of experiences on a larger scale in Europe.

Project aims

The project has four main aims:
Mapping what is currently being done in the region regarding the subject of dropouts

Taking stock of individual experiences from professionals working at secondary school level

Developing and executing different forms of professional training

Creating environments for learning that will lead to strategic influence and cooperation

Project description

Through cooperation, exchange of experiences and different forms of professional training, GR Drop outs is a unique opportunity to strengthen the preventive work with pupils aged 13-20 who are at risk of becoming dropouts. In the context of the project, dropouts are defined as pupils aged 13-20 who have a high absence rate.

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